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Apple Computer Repair Services

Our Apple computer repair service makes complex repairs , quick and affordable


Macbook Air - Pro 2006-2014

LED Screen
Macbook AIR $385  Macbook Pro $425
Cracked your screen but your display casing is in good shape? This is the cheapest service available to get you back on your Mac.
Display Assembly Replacement
Did your top display display become dented or just cosmetically unappealing after a freak accident? We can swap out the entire top assembly for you. This is the fastest way to get your Mac up and running again.
Keyboard Replacement
Water spill? Keys just don't seem to work? We can run a full diagnostic and make sure none of your other components were damaged during a spill. Most cases turn out to need a keyboard replacement.
I/O Magsafe Board
Your computer no longer charging even after attempting to use your friends charger. We can complete a free diagnostics and most of the time its your charging port.
*Actual prices may vary example of average estimated cost 

iMac 2008 - 2011

Glass Panel Replacement
Cracked glass in your line of site. Get if fixed. Quick fast turnaround.
Optical CD DVD Drive
No longer able to play your favorite DVD? We can fix that.
Power Supply Replacement
Computer‎ no longer powering on. We can replace your blown Power Supply.
LED Screen
Distorted or display?
*Actual prices may vary example of average estimated cost 

Motherboard / Logic Board Repairs

Non Component Mother Board Repair
Component Replacement Board Repair
 Water Damage Board Repair
$180 - 350
 Display Backlit Motherboard Short
GPU Reball or GPU Reflow
$220 - 350
*Actual prices may vary example of average estimated cost