Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t your address listed online ?

We are a mobile IT company with on site service for both companies and normal clients .

Can I drop my Computer Off?  (See question below)

Can I drop my computer off?

Yes , We do have drop off service by appointment only .

Once you make an appointment you be provided with a drop off location in the Downtown San Jose Area.

Do you have remote repair ?

Yes , we can repair your computer remotely for : viruses removal , software setup , and various other issues . It’s great choice you can sit back and watch the repair happen ! How cool is that ?

Can I watch my computer be repaired?

In most cases this isn’t practical. We have a business center where you can wait for your computer to be repaired. If the repair will take longer than 1 hour we will call you when you can pick it up .

How long will it take for my computer to be repaired ?

Normally ALL jobs can be completed in about 24 hours some even same day ! That is the fastest time in the industry and we stand be hide it.

Will I lose any of my files ?

We recommended doing a full backup prior to any service. Even if we do virus removal your files will not be affected unless infected , No you will not lose any files*

*excludes data recovery services

I read online, I think I can fix it myself should I try ?

Short answer is NO. Typically this will make things worse and more costly if things go wrong . You may even lose your files.

If you feel comfortable with editing your registry and using command prompt, then you may try but caution read above ^

Do you accept credit cards ?

Yes , but unfortunately we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS.


Do you provide free estimates ?

Yes we provide free over the phones estimates . We can normally tell you what is wrong and much it cost based on the info you provide us over the phone.

If you need a more in depth estimate the cost is  $39.99 only if you choose not to use our service, will you be charged. If you use our service you don’t pay for an estimate.

Do I have to pay if you can not repair my computer?

NO,  No fix = no pay! * excludes diagnostic fee or data recovery fees

Do you repair printers?


Do you charge per hour or per service?

We charge per service, We DO NOT have per hour pricing.


I need IT help how can I use your IT team?

You have 2 Options

Option 1 :

On-demand IT Team. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment. (no contract needed or setup required)

Option 2:

Contract based IT Team , Costs vary based on expected hours per week and # of computers in the company.  (please call to discuss pricing)


We DO NOT have per hour pricing.

Do you buy used computers?

No we do not , However we can assist you with proper disposal of E-waste .